Thoughts on Packaging Soap ... and a bit about me

Thank you for stopping by my soap shop, I hope you like what you find here.  It struck me whilst I was building my shop and researching my products that we don't often get to know our shop owners anymore.  In the "olden days" when people visited an actual shop they got to know the people working there and, if they wanted to they could strike up a conversation , however brief, but it was still contact.  That happens less and less and hardly at all if you shop online.  So, I appreciate that my efforts here are pretty much one way but I figured it would be nice to share some of my thoughts and let you get to know a little bit about Bon Bonne Vie and why I am here.

Since being made redundant just over a year ago (hugely stressful) I decided that I valued myself more than perhaps the company that I had worked for did and that I deserved more; not necessarily in financial terms but I wanted a quality of life that quite frankly I just hadn't had recently.  So, being a bit of a creative, I spent some time researching some of the things I enjoyed doing in a bit more depth.  Soap came out on top.  

Having decided that I would make soap (and hopefully sell some too), the hard work began.  What kind of soap should I make?  What do people want?  Will it be good enough? ... And, the most difficult question so far - how should I package it?  The difficult question remains largely unanswered.  To begin with I thought "ditch the plastic" and to a large extent I have done so - however, what I have noticed is that when I take my soaps to sell - to a craft fair for example - and I wrap some soap in waxed paper and some soap in cellophane, people in the main choose the cellophane.  I did consider no wrapping at all, but the thought of selling soaps that have been handled by many people doesn't appeal to me and I'm sure it doesn't appeal to you either.  However, that said, for online purchases I can offer you soap wrapped in tissue if that's what you would prefer.

Many of my soaps are either unfragranced or contain essential oils, so are gently fragranced rather than making you giddy with heavy scents.  However, I find that many people also prefer the heavier fragrances so I make those too - it's personal choice at the end of the day.  All of my soaps are made in small batches and many of the botanicals used are grown, dried and prepared by me - for example, calendula flowers, nettles and roses.  I know what's in my soap and also what hasn't been stripped out. 

Glycerine for example: Glycerine is excellent  for the skin and is naturally produced during the soap making process. Unlike many commercial soap manufacturers I leave this natural byproduct exactly where it should be – in your soap ready to nourish your skin.  You may not even have known this.  I can highly recommend trying some handmade soap, the difference is amazing.

So, to end this first set of thoughts I am in your hands.  When you order your soap let me know your preference.  Do you prefer cellophane wrapped, wax or tissue paper.  Your thoughts are valuable to me.  I want to provide you with the best soap that I can, delivered to you as you prefer.  Laura x

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